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Hey there,
Welcome to tb.lx – we are engineering sustainable transportation solutions in a hybrid work setup. And for this, we are looking for you! 

As a Frontend Engineer, your responsibilities will encompass integrating Angular components with the Backend-for-Frontend (BFF) layer, collaborating closely with UI/UX designers using Figma, and working collaboratively with cross-functional teams to maintain a polished and consistent user experience. Your expertise in identifying, documenting, and addressing bugs spanning multiple teams and components will be crucial in enhancing the overall quality and functionality of our product. 
Your day will start with a daily synch with your team, where you can talk about your tasks and if you feel blocked in anything. You will work in an Agile environment, and the workflow is organized in two-week sprintsWhen working on your daily task, you will never work in isolation. At tb.lx our frontend engineers work in a plus one scheme, whichhelps solve problems faster and exchange ideas. During your workday, you will also align business requirements with Product Managers, and help decide API specifications, contracts and interface points with Backend Engineers. 
It’s important that you have a keen eye for design, and you need to have solid communication skills when discussing your work with colleagues and stakeholders. Here we ask you always to state your opinion and bring your perspective to the table. 
Mentorship and knowledge sharing are a huge part of our culture, and you will be expected to help more junior members with their growth and development on an ongoing basis. 
  • Component Integrations: Collaborate with software developers to integrate Angular components with the Backend-for-Frontend layer, ensuring smooth communication and data flow between frontend and backend systems. 
  • UI/UX Design Collaboration: Work closely with UI/UX designers using Figma to translate design concepts into functional and visually appealing user interfaces. Seek alignment on design guidelines and contribute with insights to achieve a cohesive and user-centric product. 
  • Bugs Triage and Documentation: Monitor software performance and user interactions to identify and document bugs or issues that may arise. Triage and prioritize bugs, collaborating with development teams to reproduce and understand the underlying causes. 
  • Bug Resolution Assistance: Assist back-end development teams in resolving identified bugs. Collaborate with developers and testers to ensure timely bug fixes and validate the effectiveness of solutions. 
  • UI Consistency: Sync regularly with the UI team responsible for the overall look and feel of the product. Ensure consistency in design patterns, visual elements, and user interactions across different components and screens. 
  • User Experience Enhancement: Collaborate with UI/UX designers and developers to continuously enhance the user experience. Provide input on user flows, interactions, and interface animations to create a compelling and user-friendly product. 
  • Documentation and Reporting: Document integration processes, best practices, and any updates to design specifications. Generate regular reports on bug status, resolutions, and integration milestones to share with stakeholders. 

  • Bachelor's degree in computer science, design, or related field (or equivalent experience); 
  • Proficiency in Angular framework and front-end development, for at least 4 years; 
  • Experience with Backend-for-Frontend (BFF) architecture; 
  • Familiarity with UI/UX design principles and tools, particularly Figma; 
  • Strong problem-solving skills to identify, document, and resolve software bugs; 
  • Excellent communication and collaboration skills to work effectively within cross-functional teams; 
  • Ability to adapt to changing priorities and work in a fast-paced environment; 
  • Knowledge of version control systems (e.g., Git) is advantageous. 

  • You enjoy a dynamic work environment; 
  • You dream of a real hybrid work setting; 
  • You are open to a transparent feedback culture; 
  • You have strong sustainability values; 
  • You always communicate with a positive intent; 
  • You get a kick from working on impactful products. 

  • You’ll receive a fair salary that reflects the job market, your experience, and your impact; 
  • A monthly remote allowance to help you cover additional expenses due to working from home; 
  • A lunch allowance that can be used for meals with your colleagues, shopping in the supermarket, or having dinner out with friends; 
  • We have two flexible vacation days for cultural and religious holidays that aren't included in the Portuguese Holidays calendar, and in your first year, you have up to 24 vacations days; 
  • A flexible monthly budget to spend on benefits of your choice (it varies from childcare and elderly support, streaming, and music subscriptions, books, or even plane tickets and more). 
Hybrid company 
  • You’ll have work-life flexibility: we are a hybrid company. This means we trust you to choose where you work best: from our office in Lisbon, from your home, or from any other place in the world (as long as it has a stable internet connection); 
  • We equip you with the proper working tools: a MacBook and an iPhone, and everything you need to work comfortably from wherever you are (Screen, Laptop Support, etc.); 
  • You’ll have relocation assistance if you live outside Portugal (and we can help you with a Tech Visa); 
  • When you're working from our office in the heart of Lisbon, you'll find free healthy snacks and drinks there; 
  • We also want to keep our great people-centric culture, so we do in-person team events every once in a while, which you’re welcome to join whenever you want! 
Career Development 
  • Whether you’re junior or senior or anywhere in-between, you’ll work in a team of humble and ready-to-help colleagues that will accelerate your professional growth either as a mentee or a mentor thanks to our Mentorship Program;  
  • You’ll be backed up by leadership that walks the talk; 
  • You’ll have access to training according to your learning and growth needs; 
  • You’ll have personal and professional growth plans; 
  • You’ll have access to a professional coach if you need some help along the way. 

Wellbeing & Family 
  • You and your family will receive private health insurance; 
  • Mental Health: we provide access to professionals in the field, as well as the possibility to use your monthly, flexible budget for other expenses like mindfulness apps and gym subscriptions; 
  • Family Care: your monthly flexible budget can also be used for childcare or for elderly support; 
  • Work-life empathy: we understand that as individuals we all have our needs in all the dimensions of our lives, so we give you the flexibility and autonomy to organize your working hours and dedicate time to the other dimensions of your life; 
  • You will enjoy the flexibility of a 36-hour work week where you can enjoy longer weekends, working 4 and a half days or exceptionally 4 days per week. 
About us

We're a digital product studio that wants to make a real impact, by engineering digital services and software to power what comes next in transportation, working alongside our colleagues around the world at Daimler Truck. 

We’re enabling a smooth transition towards more sustainable transportation, for our customers and for society.

Our vision is to live in a world of connected and sustainable transportation. By living our values of transparency, trust, and collaboration, paired with passion, dedication, and our challengers-mindset, we build the best digital solutions that form a holistic ecosystem around our trucks & buses.


Blog: tblx-insider

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As a company, we are committed to equal employment opportunities. We hire for talent and potential, and that's what we'll look for in you.
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